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The Product Manager is responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the Product Lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision and roadmap, and working closely with R&D, Sales, Marketing, Delivery and Support to ensure revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.


1. Roadmap Definition and management
  • Defines the product strategy and roadmap
  • Maintains the product roadmap
  • Analyzes potential partner relationships for the product.
  • Defines the feature roadmap for the company's products based on business opportunities and market research.
  • Proposes an overall product budget to ensure success.
  • Monitors sand sets prices of products within the product line to meet revenue and profitability goals.
  • Works with sales management and other contributors to evaluate and prioritize opportunities and develop strategy.
  • Evaluates detailed specifications and development costings versus market potential and future predicted revenues.

2. Roadmap deployment & execution
  • Creates feature descriptions to provide guidance to Business Analysts and contributing to the approving of the product-related Business Requirements Documents.
  • Follows with the execution of the roadmap. Ensures before releasing the product that it meets the settled requirements

3. Product Life cycle Management
  • Responsible for the vision and profitability of the product line
  • Works closely with various other teams to make aligned business decisions
  • Creates product strategies that ensure the long-term viability of the product.
  • Ensures that the company's goals are met on time and within budget while client and market needs are also met.
  • Gathers knowledge and information from market watch to identify and fill products gaps and generates new ideas to drive growth and performance of the product
  • Monitors the market and develop competitive analyses.
  • Creates market planning for products launching
  • Works with sales and marketing teams to oversee inter-team activities and ensure that marketing plans are executed successfully.


  • A minimum of a bachelor's/ Master's degree in finance, IT or equivalent
  • Project Management Certification (Nice to have)
  • A minimum of 08 years of experience (in the product related domain)
  • Strong adherence to the company strategy and values.
  • Knowledge of the product (Nice to have)
  • Foundation (IT System Development)
  • Familiarity with Vermeg's products and the business area
  • Mature mindset



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